Turkey - Ankara weather forecast

The Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines of the country experience dry and hot summers, and mild, wet winters. Moderate summer temperatures (28-30 °C), cold winters, some snow and rain are typical of the weather in Istanbul. The plateau regions of Anatolia are exposed to extreme temperatures, while the coastal areas of the Black Sea enjoy a milder climate with rains during both the summer and winter months.

Cold winters with lots of snow and the pleasant warm summers greet the tourist in the mountains of eastern Turkey. However, the south eastern part of Turkey experiences extreme summer conditions similar to that of the Anatolian Plateau, with temperatures easily reaching 45° C; the winter season here is, however, mild and dry.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Apr 05
Hi:  14°C
Lo:  8°C
Apr 06
Hi:  12°C
Lo:  5°C
Apr 07
Hi:  14°C
Lo:  2°C
Apr 08
Hi:  12°C
Lo:  4°C
Apr 09
Hi:  17°C
Lo:  2°C
Apr 10
Hi:  16°C
Lo:  1°C